Reports & Analytics

Web analytics are one of the most effective tools in internet marketing, and although there are many free website analytics tools that you could use, interpreting your website statistics can feel like trying to read Ancient Greek.
Not only do we conduct website reviews, we then interpret the who, the why, the when, the where and the what for you and deliver easy to understand reports about what we have discovered.

Website Audit

By leveraging your web analytics data, you are able to gain insight about your website traffic, what is bringing those people to your site, where they’re coming from and then what they’re doing once they arrive on your website.

Website analysis is about so much more than website stats on the value of a site and hit counters – it is about turning the information you have gathered into an effective digital marketing strategy that will improve your customer experience and conversion rates.

Web Analytics

Our experienced team of analysers are skilled at analysing a website using advanced tools and methods that include Competitor Analysis, Google Analytics, Website Audits, SEO Audits, Mobile App Audits, and Digital Marketing Reviews.

We compile our reports in an easy to understand format, allowing you to streamline and improve both your website and your marketing efforts. Here at Binary Code, we help you to figure out what is hidden behind the numbers.

Digital Marketing Review

Binary Code enables marketers to make decisions based on data, boosting the effectiveness and the success of their digital assets. Digital assets that include their websites, their social media profiles, online platforms, digital devices, web or mobile based applications and more.
Our custom solutions are designed to help our clients connect the data we collect and insights we reveal with the business decisions they make.

Binary Code provides a full range of digital analytics services designed to help you improve everything from high bounce rates, to click rates and performance across very platform and on every device.

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