Our Core Values

Who we are

Binary Code is a full service digital marketing and development agency based in New Zealand, Binary Code’s primary focus is helping small and medium sized enterprises optimise their business opportunities. By designing and developing then implementing and managing integrated digital marketing strategies that are intuitive and imaginative, we aim to provide complete satisfaction, every time!

What we do

We specialise in Mobile App Development for both Android and IOS, Web Development, UI and UX Design, App Store Optimisation (ASO), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), App Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Google Ad Words Managed Services and our team is made up of individuals with almost a decade or more of experience in their respective fields.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to create sustainability for the many SME business owners in the New Zealand market by equipping them with the online, mobile and digital media advertising tools they need to reach their target customers. Anyone can buy the tools and parts to build an engine, but it takes an expert to build a working car that will get you where you want to go, and that is what we are.

Our Team

Binary Code boasts a winning team of highly skilled professionals with over 27 years of combined experience in the IT, business development, digital, mobile and web development, UI/UX design and internet advertising fields. We stay ahead of market trends by utilizing development strategies that ensure you get optimal results, no matter what service we provide.

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Web Design
Digital Marketing (Google Ad words, Social Media Marketing & App Marketing )
UI/UX Design, Video & Animation
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About Our Process

Research & Discovery

Once you have given us an idea of what you’re looking for, our Research & Discovery phase begins. We will sit down with you and your marketing team and ask a ton of questions.

Some of those questions will be about your actual business, some will be about your industry, some will be about your existing customers, there will be others about what you’re hoping to achieve and others will be about your target market.

Then we’ll analyse your competitors, assess what your potential users and visitors are looking for and finally draw up a creative brief that will guide us and help us make any decisions about your project in the future.


Now its time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. During the Design phase we will be making decisions about the look and feel of your mobile app and website.

Whatever we create for you must reflect and strengthen your brand identity. We want to complement your content, not overshadow it. This part of the process is what technical people call the User Interface Design phase.

We’ll start creating mock-ups to show what potential customers will see, and can expect to happen when they open your app or visit your website. This phase involves a lot of communication because we want to be sure you get a final product that suits your needs and that you love!

Development & Testing

Once we are all agreed on the UI design for your project, it’s time to move on to the Development or UX design phase. This is where we bring your design to life and make sure it works how it should.

We will use all the individual graphics from the Design phase to start what is known as the User Experience design. We’ll build your framework and write a whole lot of code that looks like nonsense but is actually making sure all your individual elements do what you want them to.

Then we’ll start testing your website or app to make sure it all works properly. We’ll perform bug fixes for your mobile app, make sure your website or app works on all the devices it’s supposed to and test everything to make sure that each button, tab, link and menu does what it should.

Marketing & Support

Now your finished product is ready to be launched. But it doesn’t help to have something beautiful and amazing if no one knows about it and that’s where our Marketing phase kicks in.

So we will make sure that your website or mobile app is optimized according to the latest ASO and SEO standards, and we will launch Google AdWords or PPC campaigns, plus develop a social media marketing campaign – all designed to bring your app or site to the attention of your target market.

We’re as proud of and as invested in your project as you are, and we want everything to keep on functioning as flawlessly as it does on day one. And so we are always available to fix any problems your app or website might develop, and ensure that they continue to help your business grow.

Now if you still have to ask ‘Why Binary Code ?’,  well then we’re going to ask you – why NOT Binary Code?


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