UI Design

UID, UI Design User Interface Design – whatever you call it. If UX Design is the window, then Interface Design is the gateway through which your users interact with your business, your products and your services. Whether it is online or offline – the underlying principle is the same. Customer satisfaction is key to your success, and it is your User Interface that will ensure this satisfaction – or destroy it!

IA Design

People want information NOW. This means that your website, application or software must be organised so that it is consistent, intuitive and above all – reflects the goals of your organization. Our Information Architects are highly trained and know how to organise your information in a way that makes sense – especially to your users!

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”Steve Jobs

User Interface Design

Anything that someone does with your digital application or website is called an interaction. They click on a link, they look at a photo, they read an article, they fill in a form, they land on a page by accident – these are all interactions.
And we make sure that these interactions are consistent with the information architecture of your site, what you are trying to achieve with your business and what your customers expect. It is everything working together to achieve a common goal – a synergy of form, function and interaction.

Visual Design

UX is the window, UI is the gateway and that makes Visual Design the exterior. It is the face of your brand, it helps to build an emotional connection with your visitors or users and makes sure that your ideas and functions are being communicated properly. We make sure that when something is supposed to do something, it looks like it is going to do that thing – and not something else!

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